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Hair loss is not limited to male-pattern baldness. It’s a problem that impacts men and women alike, and can be rooted in a variety of causes. Whether it’s the result of heredity, hormonal changes, a medical condition, or medication, hair loss can affect people of all ages. At Kalia Dermatology and Laser Center in Los Gatos, California, Dr. Iris Gin evaluates the medical cause of hair loss and offers hair restoration treatments when appropriate. Backed by a top-notch team of experts, Dr. Gin serves patients from across the San Francisco Bay area.

Hair Restoration Q & A

What causes hair loss?

For the average person, shedding 50 to 100 hairs every day is a normal process that doesn’t cause a noticeable thinning of scalp hair because new hair is always growing to replace it. If this normal cycle of growth and shedding is disrupted, hair loss can occur. A genetic predisposition to hair loss is by far the most common cause of hair loss. Male-pattern baldness, which typically involves a bald spot or a receding hairline, is highly influenced by heredity and can begin as early as puberty. Female-pattern baldness is generally takes the form of thinning hair.

Hair loss in women may also be triggered by medical conditions or lifestyle factors, including childbirth, extreme stress, and poor nutrition. Common medical causes of hair loss in women include:

  • Thyroid problems: Producing too much or too little of the thyroid hormone
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): A chronic hormonal imbalance with numerous potential side effects, including hair loss
  • Alopecia areata: A condition where the body’s immune system attacks healthy hair follicles and causes hair to fall out in patches

How does Dr. Gin address hair loss?

As a starting point, Dr. Gin will test for thyroid problems and hormone imbalances. In many cases, simply treating the hormone imbalance or thyroid issue that’s causing your hair loss will result in hair regrowth. For hair loss that can’t be addressed medically, Dr. Gin offers a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure called SmartGraft®, PRP Hair Injections and Laser Hair Rejuvenation.

How does SmartGraft hair restoration work?

The SmartGraft hair restoration procedure uses a minimally invasive transplant device that was developed by a team of physicians, medical scientists, and engineers. Safe and effective for men and women alike, SmartGraft involves gently extracting individual micro hair grafts from the back of your head, and then implanting them into your thinning or hairless areas. After it has been grafted into place, the transplanted hair will continue to grow naturally, becoming thicker and healthier as time goes on.

Performed under local anesthetic, the SmartGraft hair restoration procedure is safer, faster, and more efficient than other leading hair transplant options. Results are natural and permanent.

What are the benefits of SmartGraft?

If you’re looking for a natural, permanent solution to hair loss, SmartGraft is the only option that combines precision physician craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology without resorting to more invasive surgical methods. SmartGraft benefits include:

Amazing results
SmartGraft allows you to re-grow your own hair, with permanent results. You’ll also be able to wear your hair in any style, short or long.   

Advanced technology
The SmartGraft devices gently removes, counts, sorts, separates, and moistens the grafts, protecting them before implantation by placing them in an environmentally-controlled holding canister.

Minimally invasive
SmartGraft is a minimally invasive procedure with virtually no discomfort that doesn’t involve a scalpel or stitches, and won’t leave a visible scar. You’ll be back to your normal routine in just one or two days.

*Individual Results May Vary