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It’s completely normal and expected for your body to change with age, but when it starts to affect your self-confidence, it’s time to look for a solution. At Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center in Los Gatos, California, Monique Wilson, MD, and her team can revitalize your vaginal tissues, strengthen your pelvic floor, and reduce vaginal dryness with gentle ThermiVa® radiofrequency treatments. To learn more about ThermiVa, call or click for an appointment at Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center today.

ThermiVa Q & A

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a noninvasive treatment for vaginal revitalization. The treatment uses radiofrequency to gently warm the tissues within your vaginal canal and cause your collagen to flourish. Collagen is an essential fibrous protein throughout your body that gives your tissues strength and structure.

During the ThermiVa treatment, Dr. Wilson uses a specialized, smooth plastic wand device to reach your deep tissues. The device is only half an inch wide and designed to feel comfortable along the contours of your vaginal canal. A small metal electrode on the end of the wand emits gentle and even radiofrequency energy as you recline and relax.


What are the benefits of ThermiVa treatments?

Dr. Wilson discusses the treatment with you in detail during your initial consultation at Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center. With her help, you can review the potential results in your case and decide if the treatment is right for you. To read more about TheriVa, and see what real patients have said visit RealSelf.

How long does a ThermiVa treatment session last?

A single ThermiVa treatment takes about 20-45 minutes and feels like a therapeutic massage. When you leave the office, you can go back to your typical daily activities immediately — you can even engage in sexual activity later the same day.

Dr. Wilson typically recommends an average of three ThermiVa treatments with about 30 days between them for optimal results. The 30 days of waiting give your tissues time to rebuild between treatments.

To regain control of your body and your most intimate relationships, call Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center or book a consultation online for treatments with ThermiVa today.